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Advances in Quantum Communication and Computing

This report reviews the state of the art in quantum computing (QC) theory and technology, particularly focusing on the feasibility, challenges, and applications of connecting nearby Quantum Processing Units (QPUs). Noteworthy aspects include:

  • Comprehensive coverage of scientific foundations, QC architecture, and technology. Unlike other documents, it maintains a multidisciplinary approach, addressing physical QC foundations, components, and applications cohesively.
  • Extensive exploration of entanglement, its formal characterization, technological and experimental implementations, and its role as a native resource in QC communication.
  • The report concludes with a forward-looking analysis of key technological pathways for building QC, with an emphasis on interconnecting QPUs as a critical initial step. It also addresses higher-level scientific challenges in achieving reliable and massive quantum computing, encompassing hardware, software, and programming ease.
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