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The Galician quantum computer

‘Cumio’ is a Galician word meaning ‘Summit’. Stylized as Qmio, with a ‘Q’ as in ‘Quantum Physics’, its aim is to be a summit in quantum technologies.

Qmio is a 32 qubits quantum computer located in CESGA -Galicia Supercomputing Center-, in Santiago de Compostela. The technology of Qmio’s QPU is based on coaxmon superconducting qubits which is based on superconductor circuits whose power supply is perpendicular to the QPU. This way of measuring and controlling the qubits eases the scaling of the QPU to larger systems.

Qmio Computer

Quantum Optics lab at CESGA

In December 2023, CESGA acquired equipment for the construction of a quantum optics laboratory with the aim of developing experimental research in the field of quantum communications, specifically in the application commonly known as “quantum key distribution” (Quantum Key Distribution, QKD).

The work currently developed, in collaboration with researchers from the Photonics and Optometry Group of the University of Santiago de Compostela, consists of two phases. In the first phase, a QKD system of “continuous variable” type will be designed and validated at an experimental level for its subsequent deployment in a dark fiber installed in the field. In a second phase, the coexistence of this type of communication with classic Ethernet-type communications will be evaluated.


The laboratory consists of the following optical communications equipment:

  • Source: Pulsed laser in the telecommunications band: Aerodiode Shaper, frequency 20MHz, nanosecond pulses.
  • Detection: Intensity detectors, photodiodes, and homodyne detectors.
  • Modulation: Amplitude and phase modulators in fiber.
  • Control: Red Pitaya FPGAs and Rigol RF signal generator.
  • Measurement: WafeSurfer 4000HD, 12-bit oscilloscope, 1GHz, 5 GS/s.
  • Fiber optics: Single-mode optical telecommunication fibers of various lengths and connectors, fiber power splitters, polarization controllers, Faraday mirror, attenuators, etc.
  • Free-space optics: Half-wave plates, polarization beam splitters, mirrors, mounts, etc.
  • Power sources, RF amplifiers, RF filters, etc.
  • Frequency multiplexing and demultiplexing equipment DWDM ADVA FSP3000R7.
  • Optical tables.

CESGA is also deploying a commercial QKD link connecting CESGA to the Vigo Quantum Communications Center under the National Complementary Quantum Communications Plan support, being one of the longest QKD links in Europe. This infrastructure will allow to further analyze the stability, performance and usability of this type of systems. This link will constitute the first quantum communications network in Galicia.

Qmio AR app

A new application for mobile devices is available to discover Qmio quantum computer in Augmented Reality. The app can be used within the CESGA or anywhere, using AR technology.

CESGA developed this app with the collaboration of Kendra S. L. This app allows exploring the interior of Qmio and understanding how it works within the system of hybrid classical-quantum computing launched at CESGA (Galicia Supercomputing Center) and inaugurated last October 2nd 2023.

The app is available for all devices through the following download links in Google Play Store & Apple App Store.

Qmio App
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