Galicia Quantum Technologies Hub

About the Hub

The initiative of the Galician Quantum Technologies Hub was born with the objective of placing Galicia as a reference in quantum technologies by 2030.

Quantum technologies, and specifically quantum computing and communications, are part of the emerging and disruptive technologies with a very fast evolution and with many different alternatives (superconducting qubits, trapped ions, neutral atoms, etc.), without any having reached a dominant position towards the future. For this reason, it is important to maximize the number of quantum computing technologies available in the infrastructure.

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What's new


The NEASQC project brings together academic experts and industrial end-users to investigate and develop a new breed of Quantum-enabled applications that can take advantage of NISQ (Noise Intermediate-Scale Quantum) systems in the near future.
Quantum Communications (CC) is recognized as a particularly strategic sector within second generation quantum technologies, which are those that are based on the ability to manipulate quantum systems individually.
The definitive boost to the quantum computing ecosystem in Spain



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