Galicia Quantum Technologies Hub


At Gradiant, a private ICT technology centre, we are focused on the needs of industry and specialise in the following technologies: cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, advanced communications (5G-6G), quantum technologies, drones and smart industry. We are an innovation provider, with more than fifteen years of experience in technology incubation, more than 150 professionals in the team and with a presence in 30 countries and more than 400 customers.

In the case of quantum technologies we are focused on three technology lines: Quantum Sensing and Metrology, Quantum Communications and Quantum Computing. In these we can work on the development of new solutions through the creation of algorithms based on these physics principles and hardware platforms based on the control of qubits in our lab. In this way, we combine a high level of expertise in quantum physics and photonics with our traditional strengths in electronics, radio frequency engineering, FPGA programming, artificial intelligence, cryptography and software development.

With Quantum Sensing and Metrology, in which we have a quantum optics infrastructure and a highly qualified multidisciplinary team, we can develop new high-precision quantum sensors that enable solutions in the fields of telecommunications, defence, aerospace and biotechnology, among others.

In turn, with Quantum Communications we are working on the implementation of new quantum communications protocols based on Quantum Key Distribution (QKD), as well as developing hardware platforms capable of operating as quantum communications relays, essential for the development of the future quantum internet.

Quantum computing is essential to provide more accurate qubit control systems to increase the number of qubits and the computational power of quantum processors. With quantum computing algorithms and quantum artificial intelligence (QML) we can solve complex problems in logistics, management of communication channels and resources, or simulation of new materials or drugs.

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