Galicia Quantum Technologies Hub

Qmio, the new galician Quantum Computer


  • The Regional Minister of Economy, Industry and Innovation, María Jesús Lorenzana, participated in the inauguration at the Galician Supercomputing Center of the most powerful quantum computer installed in a public R+D+i facility in southern Europe.
  • The infrastructure, which represents an investment of 13.9 million euros financed by the regional government, will be open to all academic and business sectors.

The Regional Minister of Economy, Industry and Innovation, María Jesús Lorenzana, inaugurated today at the Galician Supercomputing Center (Cesga) the most powerful quantum computer (32 cubits) installed in a public R&D&I institution in southern Europe.

Compurador Quántico Gallego

The Galician Quantum computer will be open to research and innovation from all academic and business sectors, and as Lorenzana pointed out, it will constitute the main infrastructure of the Quantum Technologies Hub that the Galician government is promoting with the aim of placing Galicia at the forefront in this field, supporting the innovative ecosystem and attracting research talent.

The infrastructure involves an investment of 13.9 million euros, financed by the Xunta de Galicia with funds from the React UE program of the Feder Galicia 2014-2020 operational program as part of its commitment to the digital transition of the productive system and to having the best research infrastructures.

As Lorenzana pointed out, the new quantum computer will allow companies, technology centers and research groups to improve their competitiveness and productivity by accessing a wide variety of applications that will transform their processes and improve their investment strategies, which will require qualified personnel. In her speech, the Regional Minister of Economy, Industry and Innovation advocated turning the application of these technologies into a way of attracting companies and developing their competitiveness, pointing out that quantum technologies will transform all sectors, including medicine, aeronautics, biotechnology and finance. He also pointed out the importance of collaboration between the public and private sectors to advance innovation and economic growth.

The contract with Fujitsu, winner of the tender for the quantum computer, includes different complementary infrastructures, and a collaboration plan that includes the implementation of the international center of excellence in quantum technologies in Galicia.  The initiative is part of the Galician Quantum Technologies Por el de Tecnologías Cuánticas de Galicia promoted by the Xunta, in the framework of which investments of more than 30 million euros are being made.

In this field, the Galician Network of Quantum Technologies has also been launched, a collaboration network between the Administration, technology and research centers, universities and the business sector to join forces and advance Galicia’s leadership in these technologies.

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